Below are quotes from former students of Anna Bethel.  

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Student Quotes

A wonderful teacher! The skills I learned in [her] class really helped me to be more relaxed and have more of a presence in front of the group.
— Gail P.
Experienced, sensitive, inspirational and humorous.
— Wes R.
I laughed more often and heartier in her classes than I can recollect doing anywhere else. Because of Anna, I believe I am not only a better communicator but a better person.
— Tim L.
Anna provides me with excellent real time feedback . . . She includes what worked, why it worked, what was off, and why it was off.
— David D.
Anna is an excellent teacher. For anyone who wants to learn Improv, I would highly recommend her.
— Nick P.
Anna cultivates a great atmosphere . . . I felt a level of comfort, support and playfulness I needed to feel safe enough to try new things and to endure activities previously way beyond the scope of my comfort zone; resulting in a lot of personal and professional growth.
— John F.
Anna’s feedback really pushed me out of my comfort zone in a good way! This really helped me get over fear of being on stage. . . Plus, during class she really makes you laugh the whole way through!
— Pranathi K.
She feeds us constructive advise & plants good ideas on how to improve on improv.
— Annie L.
Anna keeps a free-flowing rhythm and supportive atmosphere in class which is always a lot of fun.
— Harry K.
I felt like the stress from the day just lifted.
— Angelike M.

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