Video Content

Anna Bethel's YouTube channel, showcasing skills in editing:

Anna Bethel frequently participates in the 48 Hour Film Project.  In 2011 with The Quest Films, Anna contributed production assistance, aided in film editing, and performed in the short film Tenderfoot Run. Watch the film here:

Anna in 2015 joined the production team The Big Honkin' to perform in the 48 Hour Film Project's Washington DC Best Film. Gender Bender received numerous other accolades including "Best Ensemble Performance" and can be seen here:

As a Product Development Coordinator for RLJ Entertainment Anna loved editing trailers. Here are a few of the "greatest hits" of her trailer editing portfolio:



Movies are great.  That is just a fact.  But if you let your mind wander outside of the cinematic escapism, as I do, sometimes you wonder, "What could have been?"  Are there characters you think should have gotten more screen time?  How did we reach this plot point?  Or even, what were they thinking when they shot this scene?  With the help of some of my closest improvisors, we explore such questions.